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Realtime Compositing Environment and VJ Software MXwendler Reaches Beta Stage!

MXwendler is the first and only realtime video compositing environment that relies solely on modern graphics boards extensions, namely pixel and fragment shaders. As a result, MXwendler delivers unmatched speed and - most important - image quality!
See the website about this Realtime Compositing Environment and VJ Software

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Virtual Showcase
at the Deutsches Museum Bonn

Designed and built by spatialknowledge.com with technology and software from the chair of virtual reality the Virtual Showcase prooved to be so reliable that it was chosen to be a permanent exhibit at the Deutsche Museum Bonn
The Bauhaus University Weimar has a nice website about the Virtual Showcase

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Information Visualization Framework:
Clara 2.05 technology preview available for download

Clara is a threedimensional fully functional webbrowser. It provides a chat-module and can be costumized in unlimited ways.
See the project-section and the download-area for further information

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Knowledge Management:
3D Topicmap Viewer available for online browsing

featuring one of the most complex realized Vrml-Interfaces, this Topicmap Viewer demonstrates the use of threedimensional interfaces for Information Visualization or Knowledge Management. Just play with it for the fun and/or aesthetic impression, but be sure to know some topicmap basics , too.

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Art 'n' Fun:
see 37 Shakespeare plays in-a-box!

this ars-electronica participant was implemented for the fun using 3D technology to create truly vivid and hilarious web-spaces. go, see it - there is an error in the shakespeare plays, find it, mail me and WIN my old geForce2 board!

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Relaunch of Spatialknowledge-website

We've completly redesigned the website. It's not yet complete, but some projects are allready documented. For further additions check back during the next days

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