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A tiny guide to customizing Clara for your own needs and wishes

Basically there are three different (difficulty-)levels of how Clara can be modified:

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1. Changing the geometry

As you take a look at the .wrl-files in the "sKdefaultTheme"-subdirectory of your Clara-installation, you will find all the geometry mangled into those files. The easiest thing to do is to modell new geometries in your favorite modeller (or write them manually ;-) ), to export these geometries to VRML97 and to cut and paste them into the apporpiate places. Look out for the SITE-PROTO and the part, where an "sKWebTexture" is applied to the geometry. These are the geometrical discriptions for the broswser sites. In the defaultTheme we provide in this first pre-release they consist of a couple of IndexedFaceSets, IndexedLineSets and Textures. Just start experimenting by replacing one after the other with your geometries (try for example to map the websites onto a sphere, they will still be usable browsers!!!). Also, look out for the chatter-avatars and the platform they stand on.

a full guide will be available soon

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2. Changing the behaviour / arrangement of the elements

A more sophisticated way to costumize your world is entering the scripts of the wrl-files. Here nearly every single aspect of the user interface is handled. You can change key-assignments, geometry arrangements and even the handling of the URLs. You should know your way around in wrl-scripting and especialy PROTO-instancing for this, as there are quite a lot of things to consider to make thing happen.

Until a complete guide is available, check out the comments in the wrl-source

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3. adding your own plugins in dlls

We provide an dll-interface for external dlls to be dynamically linked into the program. Have a look into the ReadMe.txt that is located in sKDlls-subdirectory for a small howto and an example.

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