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- a preview of what we dream "surfing the web" was meant to be

so, now that you've played first-person-shooters for years, obsessively used "drop-shadow"-filters on all your designs and made each and every of your spreadsheet-diagrams fancy-3D-looking you finally get sick of that flat-looking WWW? Can't remember how many times to push that "back"-button to get out of the deadendstreet you got yourself in while searching the net for some information? No success consulting your browser-history for something that you just stumbled over 'couple of minutes, hours or days ago? Lost control over your tons of bookmarks?

Well, at least some of those things made us sit down and try to come up with something you could probably call an immersive way of interacting with the net and the people that make it happen.
What we managed to produce after many different approaches is actually a full-scale browser in three dimensions. Actually it's hundreds of browsers like houses in a city, footmarks of your daily walk through the WWW.

So, here is what it does:
It lets you walk/fly/jump through a three-dimensional world where all the objects are painted with usable, interactive web-pages. It's not some statistics or fuzzy prerecorded images, you can read the pages just as you would in 2D.

You can scroll them, click them, hear them. If you get bored: literally walk over to the next one or start to talk with someone in a three-dimensional chat located directly in front of the the source of information. You can open multiple pages at once by drawing a rectangle around the links of interest, and there's a guided tour through the whole way you came along. If you like you can keep your world, it will stored to your disk if you wish. Because the best thing we find is that you actually begin to think about the web in terms of space. After a little while of playing around with it, "must've been over there..." and "no it's near this ugly green page over there" pop into your mind.

If you want to give it a try, feel free to grab it from the download section, it's free of charge. Make sure you read the instructions and the requirements, as the software is still under development.
It is fully customizable and extendable and hopefully there will be people who like to create their own worlds and share them with others.

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